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Relationship Work


If your relationship isn't working why not see if I can help? Whether it feels like a crisis or simply that things could be better. You may move forward with support.


I have trained and worked with Couples since 1999; I am Relate certificated; MA Tavistock & have the widest range of Post-Graduate training, skills and techniques:

Lifestages, CBT, Systemic, Psychodynamic & more.


Together we can understand the issues and find a way to work through.  Confidential City Centre offices. Flexible appointments. Disabled Access.  Private Health & Insurance approved: BUPA, AXA, Cigma, Aviva etc.

Anxiety & Stress


Stress and Anxiety are now the main causes of sick leave in Britain. You can learn how to manage them with tested techniques, knowledge & understanding.


Established ways to work with Anxiety include: Person-centred, Psychodynamic and CBT. We will find a way forward tailored to your needs: Work-Related Stress, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Compulsions or OCD.


You may prefer to learn several techniques to help you to manage your symptoms.  Then, if it seems safe, we can explore the origins to allow more confidence.

Understanding how it works allows you to master it.

Denise Pickup MA BACP (Accredited)enise Pickup
Contact me

Please fill in my Register below and I will contact you when I have appointments.  Then we can arrange a preliminary chat to see if we can work together.


I am working mainly in Zoom with some Face to Face meetings each month.

Therapy & Consultancy
Therapy: Couples or Individual


Individual Therapy can allow you to address worries you in a safe, confidential place with a person who will not judge you. Maybe you want to make a decision about your future; or consider aspects of mental health or increase your own understanding.


Whatever the reason we can think together about what has brought you and how you might want to tackle it. For some people a certain school of thought is useful, for others it is a more personal journey.  Person-centred, CBT, Solution-focused, Human Givens, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic models are options.

Couple Work begins in a structured way to allow safe exploration; guidelines are put in place to support constructive communication. This allows better understanding of the difficulties and the possibility of moving forward.  Safety remains paramount.

We will work with a focus, sometimes a couple has a split agenda.  Work is reviewed to ensure that your goals remain clear.  Separation Work can minimise bitterness and offer a better future.  Domestic Violence is assessed carefully.  It is not always possible to work with a couple.  We can look at options and signpost if necessary.


Areas of Practice
Consultancy for Business

In Business conflict and communication surface.  They can affect productivity through 'acting out' with customers or result in stress-related illness.  Workplace conflicts can be addressed and communication can be improved to enhance business practice.


For couples who work together managing the dual roles of business and personal life can be complex. Clarifying roles and goals leads to better ways of working;  more harmony and happier partners. As businesses evolve it is useful to reassess.


Divorce or Separation doesn't always mean the end of a business.  There may be ways forward with new working practices put in place.  If you choose to dispose of a business it may be helpful to understand and be supported through the changes.


Employer Assistance Programmes allow you to offer solution-focused counselling to staff to deal with anxiety, depression or stress.  This can reduce absence and foster a more positive working culture.  Bullying can be understood and addressed.


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