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Your Journey

Relationship Work

The Tavistock London devised Marital Therapy in 1948 and remain at the forefront. TCCR looks at the unconscious processes at work in relationships.


Relate produced models to understand the different pressures and stressors in intimate relationships; crunch points, life stages and models. Their book are clear and helpful.  I particularly like "Staying Together".


Attachment Theory: John Bowlby's theories on how people relate to others has become a hub for other therapies including Emotional Focused Therapy, Cognitive, Imago and Relational.  Some work with behaviour, others work with emotional connection and/or unconscious processes. 


Long Term Support


Once we have worked together I can remain on board long term to support you, your family or your business as an on-going resource as long as safety allows.  I can offer help with co-parenting, conflict and mediation.

Useful Links/Mental Health​​

Whatever has brought you to thinking about getting in contact; it is an important step to take. Take a view of
what is on offer. 


Maybe you are worried about something and need the time and space to think it through? 

You can be assured of an impartial, confidential space without judgement.  Whether you are wanting to make a decision or want to make changes it can be useful to set aside the time for reflection.  Repeated negative patterns may be better explored, understood and addressed.

Or you may seek support for depression, anxiety or mental health problems.  Often, being able

to look at these without feeling judged can be helpful and liberating.  Some people wish to use professional support to come off anti-depressants, with the approval of their GP.


Research suggests that your relationship with the therapist makes a big difference, so it makes sense to find someone you like and trust.  Feel free to book to ring me with any questions. If I

am not the right person I will try my best to put you in contact with someone who can help.


You might want to consider different methods of working. Here are some of the most popular

types of therapy in brief.  You can find more information on the Web or ask me for details.  I undertake regular training and read about many new methods, incorporating useful aspects.

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